Lisa is amazing! My husband and I moved to Colorado from California. Lisa helped us find the perfect house during our short house-hunting visit. The house we had our sights set on initially we thought was out if reach financially, so we went with our second choice. Unfortunately, we got entangled in a legal debacle when the attorney who owned the house attempted to use us for pulling out of the deal (under completely legitimate terms). Lisa stood by us, working diligently to move the matter through mediation and resolve. She never dropped the ball or put it to the back burner, despite the process taking a full 6 months to resolve. In the midst of dealing with that mess, she got us into the house we originally wanted! Because of Lisa’s integrity and tenacity, we got our dream home and escaped a potentially major legal issue. I cannot recommend her any more highly. We will definitely be calling her again should we ever move…but sine she got us exactly what we wanted, I can’t see us wanting to!