The pandemic has brought on some unexpected situations. Sometimes you don’t know where to turn or who to ask. Fear no more- Denver and the state of Colorado has compiled a fleet of tools to use as a home owner- whether it is a sticky situation with renters, or a need for a wheelchair ramp- they’ve got you covered.  

Property Tax Relief:  

Denver has a property tax relief program that gives a partial refund of property taxes paid. This may be equal in rent to renters or homeowners who qualify. Call 720.944.4347 or go to to learn more information. Colorado also offers a property tax deference program for seniors and/or active military. A tax exemption program is also in place for seniors and disabled veterans. Call 303.866.2441 or go to to learn more information

Owning a Property with Renters:  

As of right now, a license is needed for Residential Rental Properties. Go to to learn more information. Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) is a program that helps with rent- whether it is past due, current, or in the future. Call 311 or go to to learn more information. Energy Outreach Colorado can help with energy bills if unable to afford. Call 866.432.8435 or go to for more information. Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) is a program that helps with rent, substance abuse, and mental health for those with HIV. Call 303.837.0166 or go to for more information. 

Making Accessibility Modifications/Repairs to Your Home: 

Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) has a Renter/Homeowner Access Modification program that helps Denver residents living with a disability to make accessibility modifications to their home. The program also offers low-interest loans and grants when emergency home repairs are needed. Call 303.354.3872 or go to to learn more information.

Avoiding Foreclosure:  

Pre-purchase, delinquency & default counseling is available from the Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation. Call 303.572.9445 or go to for more information. Colorodo also has a hotline for foreclosures. The state partners with nonprofit housing counseling agencies to help. Call 877.601.4673 for more information. 

Tenant/Landlord Counseling: 

Get a Landlord-Tenant Guide from the city of Denver for FREE! Go to They have additional resources that may be helpful, too. Low-cost legal resources are available through the city of Denver. Call 303.837.1313 or go to for more information.