Whether you are brand new to Denver, moved here recently, or are a native- the elevation can have an impact on us all. Preparing for it is key. Follow these simple 6 rules and you will be just fine! 

Rule #1 – HYDRATE!!! We are in a high desert – meaning it is dry here. Drinking enough water is crucial to not feeling bad with the elevation. 

Rule #2 – Don’t forget your SUNSCREEN! This is especially true if you are heading to the mountains. You would be surprised, even on a winter day with snow, you can catch quite the burn. 

Rule #3 – You are not as strong and fast as you think…. exercise is more intense at elevation. It may take some time to do the same physical activity you can do at sea level. 

Rule #4 – Lip Balm and Lotion – are must-haves! Your skin with thank you kindly. 

Rule #5 – Don’t forget layers. Because at elevation we are closer to the sun, it feels warmer than it actually is. When the sun goes down, the temperatures can change quite quickly. 

Rule #6 – If drinking alcohol, remember it will affect you more. It would be wise to have a cup of water with each alcoholic beverage.